Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Our juicer is here!!

So initially what got me started on the whole juice fast idea was a darling little blog I found via Pinterest. You can read this blog here. She completed a 60 day juice fast and boy, can you see the difference!! Though I have much more weight to lose than she did, reading her blog was an inspiration and I'm definitely going to keep checking back every time I need a little motivation.

Our juicer arrived here last night, and let me tell you, I was like a little kid at Christmas!

My dad and I played around with it last night, juicing some apples and carrots (that were pretty old) and I was surprised at how different [and good] fresh juice tastes. Now, I just need to get used to the taste of kale and spinach and I think I'll be all set!

Tonight was my first night using juice as a meal replacement. Tomorrow starts my first day full-time juicing.

Kale, cucumber, celery, green apples, lemon, and ginger! This is what Joe Cross calls the "Mean Green" juice, and it's pretty much going to become a staple in my diet. Yay. If only I could enjoy the taste a little more... I'm definitely going to have to tinker around with other fruit/veg combos because mean green isn't exactly my favorite. My stomach just about gave up on me on the last two gulps... I had to work overtime to make sure that those last gulps stayed in my stomach, if you know what I mean!

This is going to be quite a challenge, man oh man!

Tomorrow is when the hard part begins. Wish me luck!

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